We’re here to give your story a script, a stage, and a spotlight

welcome to mint think

We are a team of designers who craft brands that get attention. By pairing visual design

with interactive content, we create experiences that give your story life. If it’s

recognition and revenue you’re after, relax. We’ve got you covered.


People fall in love with great brands - and those brands are great because they're telling stories. Your story is the experience you give your customers. It’s what gets people to notice you and it’s what makes you worth a second look. It’s what drives them to keep coming back and sharing you with others. Branding is finding out what sets you apart and using that unique perspective to create a visual and emotional experience. Your brand is the story you’re telling. We’ll make sure you are telling the right story on the right stage to the right audience.

Are you asking “how can I get more customers and income”? Yeah, we can answer that! We help you discover what makes you different and use it to tell a new story, create a unique experience around what you sell, and make sure it catches on. We offer clarity on your purpose, direction, and goals; then we give you strategies to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Having beautiful graphics that resonate with your target market is key to your business thriving. We design visual brands that steal the show. Your brand is more than your logo - it’s fonts, colors, spacing, photos, and the context of each that people see when they view your company. What you do is awesome, doesn’t it deserve a spotlight?

If having an attractive, easy-to-use website that works on all devices is important to you, we should talk. We design websites that service your current customers while attracting new ones - and we include all the buzz words: mobile-friendly, SEO, etc. We build everything from scratch and we don’t cut any corners. You'll have a kick-ass website that's just as unique as you ;)


You're pretty awesome. And that's perfect because we are in the business of working with awesome people. Browse around a few samples of our work and drop us a line if you like what you see. When we designed this section we knew it was missing something. What was it again...? Oh yeah, YOUR project would look great here :)


we're pretty sure we're the team you've been looking for



The Mint Think team is small, but (dare we say) ridiculously good-looking. With over 10 years of design experience and our intense obsession to detail, we just know how to do things right. That being said, constant improvement is our drug of choice (after coffee, of course). We love tackling complex projects - they drive us to be the best for our clients and ourselves.

Let’s be real - if we don’t shave for a week, we still look 14. But our baby faces have been designing for 10 years. Plus, we were born into the tech age so we didn’t ever get a chance to get comfortable with “the way things are done”. Promotion just doesn't work like it used to. We have been conditioned to think differently - and in this arena, that’s exactly what it takes.



We focus on the user experience to make it perfect. Web traffic, page views, and open rates aren’t just numbers - those are people. People with lives just as complicated as yours. We focus on speaking to them first and look at the numbers second. And trust us, the numbers go up once you treat them like what they are - human.

We are valued for our vision, not just our labor. Our ability to take your ideas and form them into a cohesive brand allows us to make you look amazing while staying true to you. Our clients will tell you our number one asset is we “get” them. We’ve got serious talent when it comes to seeing what you do and showing it off perfectly.


Design is our cup of tea. By “tea” we, of course, mean espresso. And by “design” we don’t just mean making pretty things with our computers. We tell stories by designing experiences. (Experienced designers designing experiences…say that 5 times fast...)

Typical, cliché story: boy has too many interests for his own good, boy meets similar boy, they start a business in order to fulfill their existential crises. All joking aside, I realized, long ago, my perfect job didn’t exist. So I did what I’m best at - I designed it. Thus, Mint Think was born - my very own business baby that allows me to explore new opportunities. I’m able to help people grow their businesses every day by turning visions into experiences! I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to see how I can use my passion to help you tell your story. Hit me up if you want to learn more about me or my work!

I have always been the nerdy kid. As a wee lad, I kicked-butt at Pokemon, loved solving equations, and took apart things just to put them back together. I still solve problems and I have grown into an engineer of a different kind. I work behind the scenes to make sure things look great and work perfectly. Design, for me, is an engineered way to capture the attention and imagination of others. And that’s what I love - solving problems to make sure your story gets told right. Whether you want to talk about me, my work, or the time I took apart a battery to see the inside, shoot me a message and we can chat!



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