Anyone who makes electronic music has heard of Massive by Native Instruments. This synthesizer can produce virtually any sound and NI leaves a lot of room for other parties to develop and sell plugin presets. Our "Toxic" graphic was a promotional cover for a sound preset pack developed for the Massive software. Full of grungy, dirty, synth sounds, we wanted to emulate the pure filth of this sound library on the cover. A dingy picture of an underground parking garage sets the stage with 3D letters (rendered in After Effects and given a metal texture with Element 3D) lit up in nuclear neon and hovering just above the floor. Totally trashy - totaly toxic.


luku watches

Luku Watches is an amazing, new startup seeking to make money and change the world. The founder, Fas Lebbie, is quite the philanthropist and his projects always have a "give-back" factor. With Luku, it means that for every watch sold, the company will donate a LifeStraw to a person who doesn't have easy access to clean water. LifeStraws are amazing - you can literally drink out of puddles with them - and they are really changing...view more.