From the moment we walked in to Jasmine's salon, we knew this would be one of our favorite projects to work on. Everything from her personality to the decor could be summed up as "super sweet". Baroque frames were hung on a bright blue wall. The entire space was a blend of retro and modern. When we sat down to discuss the project, Jasmine said: "I devote my heart and soul to every client so they realize their own beauty - inside and out." That sentence shaped the entire brand.


The name came instantly - Salon Radiate. After all, she was already in the business of making people radiant with her amazing hair and makeup skills - that lady has some serious talent. After the name, the whole brand seemed to fall together. It's always a delight to work with clients that already have a brand - they just don't know it yet. We took what made her unique and shaped it into a visual and interactive experience to show the world who she was and what she was about.


Of all the talented hair and makeup artists in the world, it would be tough finding another one as caring and genuine as Jasmine. No matter who you are, she will make you feel (and look) beautiful. We are so thankful we had the opportunity to work with her on getting her personality to the page - and screen - so she can continue to shine...or should we say "radiate".


Naturally, we went with a blend of retro and modern for the visual brand. A mix of 50's candy shop and modern, NYC high-class with a dash of vintage sunbursts to highlight radiance. The palette came straight from her colorful frames that hung in the salon - we honestly took a picture and sampled the colors in Photoshop. The content includes several inspiring quotes from Jasmine's idols along with fun names for her services (if you're looking for a blonde head of curls, why not try "The Maryiln"?). Salon Radiate = comfort + elegance + a handful of fun.

fonts used

color palette



Lucky for us, Jasmine does styling for photo shoots with an incredible photographer (check her out right here) so we had plenty of excellent material for our visuals. We whipped up some pretty nifty designs - Online graphics, menu brochures, and business cards - to attract new clients and service her current ones.

salon poster

business cards

promotional photo

services brochure


The main purpose we had behind designing Salon Radiate's website was to show off the incredible talent Jasmine has. Without any unnecessary distractions, we show off her skills with a full-screen slide show highlighting bits of her portfolio on the home page. We are known for creating simple and clean designs and her website was no exception. But, by using baroque patterns and plenty of photos with her favorite quotes, we were able to take "simple + clean" to a more three-dimensional level. Go check it out at and if you are ever in need of a stylist for weddings, photo shoots, or your "daily do", she comes highly recommended!


what PEOPLE say behind our backs

jasmine jeppsen

I had the pleasure of working with Mint Think and it was such a great experience for me. I love the interaction with them - they even drove 2 hours to meet with me  and discuss all the things I wanted in my designs. They kept in contact throughout the entire process and completely realized my vision. I absolutely adore this team and all the efforts they put in to making my designs special and perfect.



Senator Jim Dabakis hardly needs an introduction. He is one of this country’s most charismatic, passionate, and kooky politicians. When he called us into a meeting to help him with his last election in 2014, we were thrilled. We had the chance to create all of Jim’s campaign collateral as well as help him build his, now infamous, email newsletter - The Dabakis Factor. It’s a weekly source of all things productive, progressive, and provocative...view more.