Piato's philosophy is simple - bring restaurants into the digital age. Operated by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners to offer many solutions to simplify daily operations. With digital menus that can be changed with a few clicks and iPad ordering systems, they can get your favorite food joint up and running on their proprietary software to make life a whole lot easier (and fun) for everyone.


When they called us in to discuss the initial branding, they already had the name picked out. Nectarios, one of the owners, is (very) Greek and wanted to name the company "piato" - the Greek word for "plate". We crafted a logo around the concept with a plate and fork for the letter "O". We love hiding little allusions to our logo designs so we used the dining set to create a version of the universal power button - showing off the digital side of the brand.


The crew at Piato is super fun to work with - the perfect mix of foodies and techies. If you own a restaurant and are looking for ways to make it more profitable, these guys will blow your mind with their innovative solutions.


We were lucky enough to be able to show off our photography skills with the Piato project. In addition to helping them craft their visual brand, we also had a chance to work with several of their clients on their menu designs. Doing photo shoots for each left us pretty full in our bellies and our food-photography portfolio. Check out the header on this page - we took that picture. And then ate those burgers. Consider this portfolio piece our hi-definition Instagram feed.


piato icon



Anyone who makes electronic music has heard of Massive by Native Instruments. This synthesizer can produce virtually any sound and NI leaves a lot of room for other parties to develop and sell plugin presets. Our "Toxic" graphic was a promotional cover for a sound preset pack developed for the Massive software. Full of grungy, dirty, synth sounds, we wanted to emulate the pure filth of this sound library on the cover. A dingy picture of an...view more.