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Luku Watches is an amazing, new startup seeking to make money and change the world. The founder, Fas Lebbie, is quite the philanthropist and his projects always have a "give-back" factor. With Luku, it means that for every watch sold, the company will donate a LifeStraw to a person who doesn't have easy access to clean water. LifeStraws are amazing - you can literally drink out of puddles with them - and they are really changing things for people in impoverished areas of the world. Luku Watches are just as amazing. They have interchangeable bands so you can customize the color, a snapback that prevents it from falling off when you are sportsing, and they are water resistant up to 15 meters - the ideal watch for surfers with a fashion sense.


At Mint Think, we love working with companies that are making a positive impact on our world and Luku fits that perfectly. In addition to the branding, we had the privilege of designing some of the watch bands as well. We were excited to show off this amazing company in our portfolio even though the watches aren't yet available to buy. The company has yet to make it's full launch (you wouldn't believe how long it takes to have custom watches manufactured), but when it does it's going to change wrists and lives.


The name "Luku" comes from Fas' full name - Fasuluku - and the brand uses his personal mantra of sending out "positive vibrations". Since the brand visuals needed to show off it was an active-wear watch geared towards surfers, but also that there was a water-based philanthropic motivator behind buying the watches, it seemed appropriate to use a droplet for the logo. Using a clean, spaced out, timeless font like Futura PT shows off the surfer style by emulating typography seen in other surf brands - Billabong, Quicksilver, and Hurley. Throw in a ton of pictures of H2O to really get the point across, and that became the visual brand for Luku.

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Arthur and Skyler have years of design and branding experience. Working with them is like adding two extra people to your company. In my business, when it comes to design and branding, I have benefited tremendously from working with Mint Think. They care - and they show that in their work - and, at the same time, maintain a great deal of professionalism as they work with me in a timely manner. I definitely recommend these guys!


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From the moment we walked in to Jasmine's salon, we knew this would be one of our favorite projects to work on. Everything from her personality to the decor could be summed up as "super sweet". Baroque frames were hung on a bright blue wall. The entire space was a blend of retro and modern. When we sat down to discuss the project, Jasmine said: "I devote my heart and soul to every client so they realize their own beauty - inside and out."...view more.