live the life you believe in


Every few months we redecorate our office with motivational posters we have designed. It allows us to exercise our creativity with new ideas without having stipulations placed on the design. As artists, it's important for us to keep honing our craft and experimenting with new techniques. Plus, it's nice to take on a project solely for the fun of it every once in awhile. This has been one of our favorite posters from 2015 because it encourages us to check in with ourselves - making sure we are truly living the life we believe in. If you would like a print of this, feel free to get in touch and we will gladly hook you up :)


cafe on first

Cafe on First is a little cup of heaven. We began getting our daily coffee fix there back in 2011 and started working with them on their brand and web design in 2012. The owner, Tong Chinnapha, really wanted to make this a welcoming place for anyone and if you walk in there today, you will find the widest variety of people you could ever imagine in one small shop. It’s a haven for socializing, soul-searching, or getting the best damn curry in town...view more.