lift the zion curtain


Utah has some weird laws. Did you know it’s illegal, in any restaurant, to pour alcohol where customers can see it? If you know anything about Utah culture, you know we don’t have too many people who enjoy a daily drink; however, the legislature figured that if people saw alcohol, they might actually want some. Thus, the “Zion Curtain Law” was born.


Lift the Zion Curtain was a campaign we put together for Senator Jim Dabakis in order to raise awareness of this strange law and, hopefully, get it changed. This was definitely a very fun project to work on. We ended up getting over 7,000 petition signers, but did it change anything for the law? We will have to wait until the upcoming legislative session to see!


We designed the entire brand around the idea of a vintage brewery and sprinkled graphics of alcohol bottles throughout the website. Just for kicks, we made the home page a wooden wall that says “click to lift the zion curtain” so users couldn’t actually see the bottles until they “ordered” them. We also threw in some kitchy elements to poke a bit more fun - the loading screen said “one second while we mix your drink”. The campaign has run its course so the website is no longer live, but here are a few samples of the visuals we designed for its promotion.

promotional graphic

promotional graphic


what PEOPLE say behind our backs

jim dabakis

Without Mint Think, my social media would be as coherent as…Sarah Palin. Skyler and Arthur have helped me immensely over the years and they always know how to put a creative spin on my projects. With their skills and tools, they helped me build my following and speak to audiences outside the political realm. These guys can really do just about anything and I’m consistently impressed by their efficiency, attention to detail, and ability to explain the technical stuff to an “experienced” guy like me!


Jenica Lake

Considering Jenica is an oracle, our meeting was right along the lines of what you would expect. We were taking a break from the office to walk around a local street fair wearing shirts that said "I design websites". She ran up and, a little out of breath, said “You are exactly who I’m looking for!". It sparked a conversation and, since then, we have been able to help her grow her business and brand...view more.