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Considering Jenica is an oracle, our meeting was right along the lines of what you would expect. We were taking a break from the office to walk around a local street fair wearing shirts that said "I design logos". She ran up and, a little out of breath, said “You are exactly who I’m looking for!". It sparked a conversation and, since then, we have been able to help her grow her business and brand.


Jenica is a reiki healer and intuitive life consultant. If you've got emotions you're working through, she can help get to the root of it and open your eyes to new ways of healing. Her business is very personal so she wanted her brand to be fully representative of her and her work. She is, truly, an exceptional human that seeks to help others heal and reconnect to themselves and the world around them.


Since we like to get a good grasp on exactly what each of our clients do, we began going in for monthly sessions with Jenica. She worked with our energy and brought out motivation, creative action, and artistic intuition - as we helped her grow her business, she helped us grow ours as well. Working with her has been one of the most eye-opening experiences we have had since we opened our doors for business and we can’t imagine what our lives would be like without her unique talents.


Jenica often refers to what she does as "woo" - meaning it is a bit beyond the tangible realm of people's comprehension. Our goal was to bring her spiritual work into a form that newbies could understand and relate to. After performing a "Brand-Aid" with Jenica, we were able to narrow down her audience and speak to them in a way that was personal to them without compromising Jenica's voice.


She is an earth-loving woman, always inspiring people to be grounded, and is very talented at clearing away negative energy. It was obvious we needed to use earth tones with very clean, sans serif fonts for the visual brand. She takes a different approach to her work compared to other spiritual healers and we wanted to represent this both visually and through her content. In other words, leave out the ever-so-popular-with-metaphysical-brands Papyrus font and show people she takes the "woo" out of spiritual healing and makes it accessible for anyone ready to begin a new journey of self-discovery.


Creating a brand that brought Jenica's services into the light, cleared up confusion about her work, and enticed people to connect with her was extremely rewarding for us. She has amazing gifts and we were so happy to be able to help her better communicate her services to a larger audience.


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Jenica's graphics utilize various versions of her logo, pictures of her and her tools, along with a lot of sacred geometry - primarily the flower of life. We kept things clean and simple so people could see, clearly, what she has to offer. Rather than sticking to the traditional "spiritual healer" design style, we crafted graphics that set her apart in her field. By ditching the norm and branding her in a way that was true to herself has helped her carve out her niche and attract the right audience for her services.

Promotional graphic

Promotional graphic

Promotional graphic


Jenica's website needed to serve many purposes - educate people about her services, attract new clients, service her current customers, and provide resources for anyone to download. A lot of work went into narrowing down exactly how to describe Jenica's services in as few words as possible in order to keep the site clean and accessible, while still offering clarity on her work. We integrated an Online store to sell recordings of meditations and chants as well as an Instagram feed so the site will be constantly updating with new products and photos. Adding in some parallax scrolling effects to the images and using various sacred geometry pieces added a bit more visual interest to the experience. We encourage you to check out the site to get more information on this amazing woman and get in touch to book an appointment!


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Jenica Lake

I have had the BEST experiences with Arthur and Skyler at Mint Think. They were able to see the wholeness of my offerings and bring them to light in such beautiful ways. Arthur has taken the time, repeatedly, to truly lean in and listen to me, seeing exactly what I offer and then assisting me to Illuminate it beautifully while Skyler has an ability to bring my work and crystals right through the screen with his digital powers. If you are looking to expand your business and create a website and brand that represents the real you, please connect with these brilliant humans.



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