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Fas Lebbie, an incredible entrepreneur and philanthropist from Sierra Leone, always has a new idea he is working on so we were excited when he called us into a meeting to discuss his newest project. He sat us down and said “picture this - an app that makes it easier for kids to apply for college”.


After we helped him refine the form, functionality, and audience of the app, we got to work on the visual brand and front-end development to show off how the app will look and function. The app is currently under development, but everything from the branding to the design of the user interface has been a blast and we can’t wait for it to be released! This is definitely a game-changer for how high schoolers view getting into college.


Applying for college isn't fun. Get In seeks to change that. For the visual brand we went with very bright colors and rounded fonts to create a happy mood right off the bat. Blue is a color of trust - something that is necessary when handling user's personal information. Orange is a color of motivation - a choice we made to drive action by the user. Although it is subtle, we created the logo with a hidden message. The "g" is made to look like an icon of a padlock in it's open position - implying that the app unlocks the possibility for anyone to pursue their dream of education.

fonts used

color palette



There are so many factors to consider when designing a user interface (UI). It's not just a static graphic - it's something people are going to use and interact with. Besides the fact we had over 30 different layouts to design, we had to carefully plan out each page, it's purpose, and what options we would give to the user for each step. Unfortunately, since the app is not yet released, we are unable to show too much of the UI design. However, below are some of our promotional graphics we designed to get people jazzed about this new service.

promotional graphic

mobile app mockup

Responsive App Mockup

mobile app mockup

what PEOPLE say behind our backs

Fas Lebbie

Arthur and Skyler have years of design and branding experience. Working with them is like adding two extra people to your company. In my business, when it comes to design and branding, I have benefited tremendously from working with Mint Think. They care - and they show that in their work - and, at the same time, maintain a great deal of professionalism as they work with me in a timely manner. I definitely recommend these guys!


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Every few months we redecorate our office with motivational posters we have designed. It allows us to exercise our creativity with new ideas without having stipulations placed on the design. As artists, it's important for us to keep honing our craft and experimenting with new techniques. Plus, it's nice to take on a project solely for the fun of it every once in awhile. This has been one of our favorite posters from 2015 because it encourages us to check...view more.