deconstruct the sound


Electro Swing is a trending genre these days - a blend of big band swing and electronica. We designed this album cover for a new music project we are working on called "Deconstruct the Sound" which seeks to blend organic and digital instruments to create a familiar, yet refreshing sound that people can groove to. Since the music is a blend of natural and synthesized sounds, we wanted the cover to show off that same vibe. We used After Effects to render some 3D polygons which we took into Photoshop to manipulate and tie in with a sketch of a vintage phonograph and some musical notations. The album is still a work in progress, but you can listen to a sample below. Enjoy!



album single


breathe park city

Park City, Utah is a destination spot. They host the annual Sundance Film Festival and truly have the best snow on earth. But what else is there to do there? Breathe Park City answers that question. It’s a directory website unlike any other. It highlights only the best of the best that Main Street has to offer.


Breathe is sponsored by two real estate agents (Luke Mann and Tracee Todd) in the hopes to encourage...view more.