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Senator Jim Dabakis hardly needs an introduction. He is one of this country’s most charismatic, passionate, and kooky politicians. When he called us into a meeting to help him with his last election in 2014, we were thrilled. We had the chance to create all of Jim’s campaign collateral as well as help him build his, now infamous, email newsletter - The Dabakis Factor. It’s a weekly source of all things productive, progressive, and provocative.


Never had we thought Mint Think would take on a political campaign, but after Jim walked out with 74% of the vote, he decided to keep us on as his branding consultants and we continued to publish his newsletter and help with his other various endeavors (Save The Tribune, Utah Progressives, Support Healthy Utah, Obama Visit Utah, Protect Greater Canyonlands, and who can forget the video of him doing the ice bucket challenge with Eagle Forum President, Gayle Ruzicka? - watch it here.)


If politics moves at a snail’s pace, Jim is definitely the exception. He is always coming up with something new - and it tends to keep us pretty busy making sure things get pulled off perfectly. But we love every minute of it.


For Jim's visual brand, we decided to ditch the traditional "red, white, and blue" motif in favor of something a bit less predictable. Jim is, arguably, Utah's most progressive politician so we wanted to show that by going all blue. He is also a guy that truly works for his constituents up on Capitol Hill, so we went with some very grassroots-y fonts (think "farmer's market"). These visual guides can be seen on all Jim's collateral - websites, cards, banners, and even his new TV show. Like we said, he is kooky - not your typical politician. So, our main goal with his visuals was to show him off as someone reverent, yet refreshing.

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jim dabakis

Without Mint Think, my social media would be as coherent as…Sarah Palin. Skyler and Arthur have helped me immensely over the years and they always know how to put a creative spin on my projects. With their skills and tools, they helped me build my following and speak to audiences outside the political realm. These guys can really do just about anything and I’m consistently impressed by their efficiency, attention to detail, and ability to explain the technical stuff to an “experienced” guy like me!



Electro Swing is a trending genre these days - a blend of big band swing and electronica. We designed this album cover for a new music project we are working on called "Deconstruct the Sound" which seeks to blend organic and digital instruments to create a familiar, yet refreshing sound that people can groove to. Since the music is a blend of natural and synthesized sounds, we wanted the cover to show off...view more.