cafe on first


Cafe on First is a little cup of heaven. We began getting our daily coffee fix there back in 2011 and started working with them on their brand and web design in 2012. The owner, Tong Chinnapha, really wanted to make this a welcoming place for anyone and if you walk in there today, you will find the widest variety of people you could ever imagine in one small shop. It’s a haven for socializing, soul-searching, or getting the best damn curry in town.


When we began working with Tong on branding the cafe, they had been in business for a handful of years but had been lacking a website to attract new customers. We brewed them up a web presence and focused very heavily on creating a website that would get them more patrons. By implementing a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) and creating a site that made it easy for thirsty, coffee drinkers to find them, we were able to launch them straight to the top of search results whenever people searched for a coffee shop in Salt Lake City.


Since we started working with the cafe crew, they have increased their revenue enormously, been able to buy new equipment to start roasting their own coffee, and are now one of the busiest coffee shops in town. We can’t take all the credit, though. We knew, first-hand, they already offered an amazing experience to their customers - we just helped them tell the world about it.


Local coffee shops are like a place of worship for many. Walk into Cafe on First and you'll see it's filled with community, rituals, learning, and growth. This is where the Salt Lake City avenues neighborhood comes to unwind, sit back, and share a comforting experience. Cozy and familiar is at the heart of the brand. We chose timeless fonts and earthy colors to represent the stand-still nature of this space. With our visuals and content, we sought to show that this is a place to make your home.

fonts used

color palette



The baristas and cooks at the cafe make some of the tastiest food and drinks around (trust us, we eat there nearly every day). We had them whip up one of everything on the menu and did a photo shoot of each item. Below is a handful of photos we have used for collateral pieces.

Latte Art

Bomb Bagel Sandwich

Coffee roasting

Chemex coffee maker


If you sell an experience, the number one rule is to show - don't tell. If you are viewing the website on your laptop, you will see a short film of clips around the cafe showing you what you are missing out on. If you are on your phone, it shows a simple page that loads the address, hours, and menu. Basically, we just want to get people there. Once you're in, you're going to be sold for life.


what PEOPLE say behind our backs

tong Chinnapha

Arthur and Skyler are so easy to work with. They are flexible with my schedule and my needs and they are incredibly talented. They have been able to bring the best part of my business out and allowed me to share it with others. Their communication is always above and beyond and they always grasp my ideas and visions - but always do it 200% better than what I am expecting!


lift the zion curtain

Utah has some weird laws. Did you know it’s illegal, in any restaurant, to pour alcohol where customers can see it? If you know anything about Utah culture, you know we don’t have too many people who enjoy a daily drink; however, the legislature figured that if people saw alcohol, they might actually want some. Thus, the “Zion Curtain Law” was born...view more.