Breathe park city


Park City, Utah is a destination spot. They host the annual Sundance Film Festival and truly have the best snow on earth. But what else is there to do there? Breathe Park City answers that question. It’s a directory website unlike any other. It highlights only the best of the best that Main Street has to offer.


Breathe is sponsored by two real estate agents (Luke Mann and Tracee Todd) in the hopes to encourage people to make Park City their permanent home. We loved working with Luke on his personal branding and website, so when he called us up to help with this new, joint-venture, we said yes faster than Johnny Depp could respond to Tim Burton about his latest, available role.


Beginning with the name, we went with something that meant “to live fully”, “to experience all of”, and “to soak up completely”. We wanted people to “breathe" Park City. Pairing hipster design elements with the slogan “live like locals” branded this project as a resource for trend-setters. If you ever find yourself in Park City, check out the website for the best restaurants, bars, clubs, events, shops, activities, galleries, and spas!


For the visual brand, we wanted to go in a direction that said hipster meets mountain getaway meets high class. Geometry + highly filtered images nailed down the hipster vibe. Trend Sans and Alegreya for the fonts gives the brand a sort of homey, rustic feel and we designed the logo to be a bit reminiscent of a vintage label. To top it off, we chose a dark grey, white, and gold palette to speak to the elegance of the city and the brand.

fonts used

color palette



Park City is a happening place, and the only way to get noticed in a crowd is to stand out. We designed and printed small, thick, square business cards with rounded corners to ensure people would pay attention. We paired these with table stands that filled Main Street's restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The messaging was simple - Live Like Locals. Below are some images of the promotional materials at the Breathe launch party in early 2015.


business cards

what PEOPLE say behind our backs


Arthur and Skyler at Mint Think are a brilliant team. They pay close attention to what you envision your goal to be and do all they can to help you achieve it through their marketing/design skills and talents. Skyler is a skilled photographer to help you capture the right look for your idea while Arthur is a genius at putting together a marketing plan and pinpointing where to hit in order to maximize your exposure. I couldn't be more happy and satisfied in trusting these guys!


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Fas Lebbie, an incredible entrepreneur and philanthropist from Sierra Leone, always has a new idea he is working on so we were excited when he called us into a meeting to discuss his newest project. He sat us down and said “picture this - an app that makes it easier for kids to apply for college”.


After we helped him refine the form, functionality, and audience of the app, we got to work on the...view more.